How to Look for God the Supreme Being

Looking for God the Supreme Being    


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Life is simple.  To live, we breath, eat, work, and sleep daily. Everything we do daily in some form, is this acknowledgement. Looking for God the Supreme being, sometimes it take a lifetime to recognize that this simplicity of life is from God.  We are his people made for his pleasure, that he provide, the above means to sustain life because he Loves us.  So often we get entangled in our everyday activities and lives that shadow God’s existence; yet, he still Love us. Looking for God requires an awareness that everything that’s happening is not by chance and that he is in control.

All Seeing and Knowing God !

God the Supreme BeingThink!  God is Someone who knows everything about everybody down to the number of hairs on each of the billions of people on Earth, all at the same time, as well as everything personal, to the minuscule details of our lives; and, you can’t hide from him; neither, anything from him, he knows everything, even before you think, he know what you are going to say !    All this is done as you breathe.

That is unimaginable, beyond  Awesome!.

He is to Fear!      I Fear him!   Looking for God the Supreme Being?

He is pure; and only the pure in heart shall see him.


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Before leaving I have two appeals:

Firstly; it is my desire for those who are not saved, to be saved. That is the mission of this ministry; that you know Jesus. If you have not received Jesus in your life it is my desire that you know Jesus and ask him to come into your life, pray and seek a Church that will worship, support your faith and increase by knowledge in Jesus Christ. This is the only chance we have to live a life, in this life, that is pleasing to God. Live it to the utmost with Jesus Christ by your side, waste not another moment if you have not received him as your personal Savior.

Secondly; This is a ministry to advance the Kingdom of God by reaching out to those by word and deed, who do not know the Kingdom of God is at hand.   

Your charitable contribution would be sharing this message for others to hear.