About Me

Buford Thomas

Growing up in a family with a Mom and Dad with 3 siblings; Worship was not an option, it was a way of life. We had to go to church, and as a young kid, I made Church a study of how other people worship God.

Early childhood left me with questions like, who is this God everyone’s worshiping; Someone you can’t see, someone who is all-knowing and all-powerful. What’s the big deal and do everybody do the same thing when it comes to Worship on Sunday and Worshiping God. It was like Fear and I didn’t know why!

I knew then that the only one who could answer all these questions I had was God; but I had so much Fear for this Almighty God that I did not ask anyone, and I dared to question God’s authority,“authorities”. I only believed everything by Faith of what I heard preached. The questions grew into a search for the truth!

As I grew older, each life experience, trial, test, taught me obedience and spiritual character with reverence to God. My youthful days were full of life’s desires (worldly) that amounted to my will being done (doing what I wanted to ) for pleasure and gain. God blessed me and gave me those desires even if I didn’t need or deserve it. I realized those childhood questions were being answered as those real-life experiences I willed, were the building blocks for my Faith, to experience a relationship and dependency on God. That devotion kept me going to Church, not consistently; but, exploring, listening, and reading Gods word for myself; applying it and, talking to and questioning God; testing his word, in everything in my daily life, for real truth, that I could vouch for.

At the age of 27, conviction and purpose, was my crossroad to repent for my sins and surrender my life to Jesus Christ and was baptized (again in water) and received the Holy Ghost; evident, by this inner voice speaking to me in a language I could not identify, but I understood what was being spoken; of which I openly spoke it (only me and God knew).

This was the beginning of what is now a 32-year journey. The difference?  Now Life Begin new, each awakening day, experiencing Will and Purpose in my life that Pleases God !

We all have one thing in common and that is the ability to communicate. After years of searching;  I’ve discovered the truth. The truth is God is real, he sent his son;  Jesus, to redeem mankind from Sin;  giving us an opportunity to eternal life;  if we believe in that truth in your heart, and confess that God raised Jesus from death,  repent of your sin, you will be saved.   Romans 10:9

Being able to communicate, to the World that one truth; in my life blog GodtheSupremeBeing.com, leaves God’s legacy for generations.