How to be Closer to God

Right Now!


How to be closer to God is the question everyone has and the answers are not specific.

There are 10 ways that are specific to being closer to God.

1.)  Give up everything that’s about what’s important to you and what you want.

2.)  Make God Priority #1 period!

3.)  Worship and Praise him for All he has done and does.

4.)  Acknowledge his Son; Jesus.

5.) Walk-in Spirit and Truth by Faith and not by sight.

6.) Meditate on his word (Bible) both day and night.

7.)  Know, Trust and Depend he is God.

8.) Live Righteous & Holy presenting your bodies a Living Sacrifice.

9.) Serve him with your Whole Heart.

10.) Pray. Pray to God without Ceasing.

                     How hard is Sacrifice?

If sacrifice was easy there would be a world of people bowing before God’s throne in Worship to Our Almighty God, throwing themselves on his alter because of Love for who he is and what he has done for us.  Unfortunately; that is not the case in Earth for the numbers are few in comparison, who make the daily sacrifice as lambs of slaughter.  In this world of Sin, the opposition to truth, is a distraction, to make easy, false sacrifice to the pitfalls which appear glamorous and promising, the a-luring false hope of righteousness with a one-way ticket to Hell.

As a born again Child of God, how does one persevere in such turmoil, destruction and devastation, in a land that has no reverence or respect of God?

For I shall lift up mine eyes unto the Lord. For my help cometh from the Lord. Oh, ye people of this Earth; Know that there is a God of Salvation. For he is the God of his People. Be ye steadfast and always abounding in his Love for Our Redeemer Lives. One day the trumpet will Sound and Jesus will return for his Church; God’s People to take them away from this place. Just as Moses led the Children of Israel from Egypt out of bondage, oppression and slavery; So will Jesus lead his people into Eternity.

                        Will you be Ready?


Before leaving I have two appeals:

Firstly; it is my desire for those who are not saved, to be saved. That is the mission of this ministry; that you know Jesus. If you have not received Jesus in your life it is my desire that you know Jesus and ask him to come into your life, pray and seek a Church that will worship, support your faith and increase by knowledge in Jesus Christ. This is the only chance we have to live a life, in this life, that is pleasing to God. Live it to the utmost with Jesus Christ by your side, waste not another moment if you have not received him as your personal Savior.

Secondly; This is a ministry to advance the Kingdom of God by reaching out to those by word and deed, who do not know the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your charitable contribution would be sharing this message for others to hear.

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