What seems to be the Hurry?

Blurred motion of crowd walking on city street during rush hour

What seems to be the hurry in life as though there is a rush; and Why?

Have you noticed or paid attention to the pace of life in our daily activities at every turn and events?  It would appear to be a rush in everything.   A rush to get things done.  In a hurry as in a mad race to finish first!   From Morning, Noon and Night, the urgency to get things done.

Technician checking cables in Server room of data center

The World System

It’s ironic, the same rush we are into, is the same time table that Satan has to Kill, Steal and Destroy!  He is in a Hurry, to get you; in a Hurry, in order to do so.  Why is it that so many are caught up?  Because of the madness in rush, hurry up; they don’t take the time,or listen and realize;

God Saying:  What’s the Hurry?

 I OWN EVERYTHING!          


GOD IS LOVE:  ALL in All!                                                

There is no time table nor restraints with God when you are freed by his Son, Jesus.  He is the Truth and Life.  Trust in him and he will make your burdens light.

Whom will you serve?

God  or  Man / Mammon?

How do you serve a God who own everything?  Who has everything?  Who made everything? Who is everything; including all Powerful, All knowing, All seeing in whose presence, his power is greater than any nuclear bomb man can conjure up.  His power, is to fear; a God who can destroy Mind, Body and Soul.

His Majesty radiates and his Power Illuminates Immense and Supreme.   Beautiful are his words that righteous and Justice Prevail.  Fate is in Awe of God’s Power Divine!  What a mighty God to Serve!

How do you Serve God?

Willingly and Willfully!   With your Whole Heart!  Mind, Body and Soul; Joyfully seeking his pleasure!

With a God like that; Why would anyone serve Man or Mammon?

Why serve a subject of the Creator?  It gives no Credence!

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